WEST VIRGINIA (Mountaineer Field)


  • GAME DAY:  September 24, 2011
  • SCORE:  Tigers 47, Mountaineers 21
  • CAPACITY/ATTENDANCE:  60,180/62,056
  • THE TRIP:  West Virginia/LSU was the biggest game in Morgantown in several years.  Since we're big LSU fans, we road tripped to the game and had a great tailgate with about 20 friends and family.
  • IMPRESSIONS:  Fantastic atmosphere. Simple but loud and intimate stadium, full of knowledgeable fans.  We will definitely revisit.  They serve beer inside the stadium, a rarity.
  • WE LOVED:  How polite the West Virginia fans were.  Before the game, people I knew who'd visited Morgantown told horror stories about rowdy and aggressive Mountaineer fans.  Our experience was exactly the opposite - locals went out of their way to make us feel welcome, help us with directions, praise LSU, etc. - to the point where it was almost creepy.  Like maybe when we got a pat on the back, it was just to afix a "kick me" sign.  Regardless, except for a couple of drunk and belligerent college kids (which are in every stadium), we never felt uncomfortable even though we were all displaying our LSU colors throughout the day.