TULANE (Superdome) 


  • GAME DAYS:   August 31, 1985 vs. Florida State (lost 38-12), September 9, 1989 vs. Rice (won 20-19), September 21, 1991 vs. Rice (lost 28-19), November 23, 1991 vs. LSU (lost 39-20).
  • CAPACITY:  72,003
  • THE TRIP:  I went to college and law school at Tulane but went to surprisingly few (maybe 6?) Green Wave football games.
  • IMPRESSIONS:  My first few years of college, Tulane's head coach was Mac Brown (who was 34 years old my freshman year, and who's since won a national championship at Texas), but the teams weren't good and only maybe 5,000 people would show up for the games in the massive Superdome.  It's different now, more fan support, and Tulane has fielded some excellent teams, including the undefeated 1998 campaign under Tommy Bowden.  Alas, Tulane may always be a school where great coaches go to cut their teeth.
  • WE LOVED:   an 18-year-old drinking age, hard liquor served in the Superdome - rare at the time.
  • Tulane opened a new football stadium on its campus in 2014.


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