• GAME DAY: First game: 1977 or 1978. Second game: October 20, 2012.
  • SCORE: Tigers 24, Aggies 19
  • CAPACITY/ATTENDANCE: 82,600/87,429
  • THE TRIP: My first game at Kyle Field was courtesy of a friend's uncle (Emory Bellard) was head coach of Texas A&M in the 1970's and we had sideline passes. Don't remember much about it. The second trip, in 2012, was courtesy of my cousin Danae (an A&M alum) who, along with her husband Martin, road tripped with us and hooked us up with an awesome pre-game and post-game tailgate with her college buddies (thanks Steve!). A&M is a short 2-hour road trip from Houston where my parents live. (We also took in a Texans/Ravens game on Sunday).
  • IMPRESSIONS: The Aggie fans were incredibly welcoming, united and knowledgeable. The team's traditions (the original 12th Man, yell leaders, etc.) are second to none. Where else does an entire stadium full of fans lock themselves arm-in-arm and sway back and forth in unison? The A&M band is also unparalled (sorry Ohio State). The band's halftime show is so good that almost nobody leaves their seat during halftime. The game atmosphere may be the best I've ever seen (winning a tie-breaker over LSU's Tiger Stadium since very few people left early, even after LSU took a 12-point lead late in the game, whereas Tiger Stadium will start to empty early). Great family atmosphere - nobody was cursing, nobody was being obnoxious (OK maybe a few LSU fans were being obnoxious). The stadium itself, while having an incredible game-time atmosphere, isn't particularly remarkable. Concessions and bathroom facilities are pretty bad (like a lot of older stadiums) but when you're there, you don't really care.
  • WE LOVED: Seeing Heisman winner-to-be Johnny Manziel in action.  The Texas A&M band. The friendly and enthusiastic crowd. The school's traditions. A great tailgating atmosphere. Watching the Corps of Cadets march before the game. Being able to go on the field and walk around after the game.