Pro Football Hall of Fame

In October 2010 I checked an item off my mostly sports-oriented Bucket List by visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio - the birthplace of professional football.  I'd heard someone say once that the museum was smallish and wouldn't take long to go through - that couldn't have been further from the truth.  Two of my children and I spent 3 hours (and could have spent many more) looking at the wonders in this beautifully designed, awe-inspiring football cathedral.  They do an amazing job of exploring the complete history of pro football, and the museum pieces (old jerseys, helmets, memorabilia, etc.) are simply mesmerizing to a die-hard football fan.  Walking into the room where the busts of all the great Hall inductees reside is a truly humbling, religious experience.  I got the tingles all day long, seeing real evidence of my boyhood heroes up close.

In November 2014 en route to Columbus for an Ohio State game, we visited the Hall after it had undergone substantial renovation.  It continues to mesmerize.

The HOF store is good, the concessions are pretty barebones - we appreciated that the museum hasn't evolved, like most every other tourist trap in America, into an amusement park atmosphere full of constant upselling and overpriced trinkets.  They manage to preserve the dignity and magnificence of the game in every corner of the building.  It isn't fancy, but it is damn near perfect.