• GAME DAY:  October 8, 2000
  • OPPONENT:  Washington
  • SCORE:  Redskins 17, Eagles 14
  • CAPACITY/ATTENDANCE: 65,346/unknown
  • THE TRIP:  Road trip for a Redskins game with my friend Chuck.  Everyone told us that The Vet was thornier than other stadiums, but we didn't believe them.  Boy were we wrong.
  • IMPRESSIONS:  Crappy old stadium full of rude, belligerent morons.  Seams in the astroturf were visible from the upper deck.  We both wore Redskins jerseys and had food thrown at us the entire game; fortunately, Philly fans can't aim worth a damn and as much food ended up on Eagles' fans as it did on us.
  • WE LOVED:   While the fans were busy pelting us (and their brethren) with $7 hot dogs, the Redskins were busy beating the Eagles.  We escaped with a win, our dignity, and some free mustard on our backs.