MARYLAND (Byrd Stadium)


  • GAME DAY:  September 5, 2011 
  • OPPONENT:  University of Miami
  • SCORE:  Terapins 32, Hurricanes 24
  • CAPACITY/ATTENDANCE:  54,000/52,875
  • THE TRIP:  Byrd Stadium is a 30 minute drive from our house.
  • IMPRESSIONS:  There's nothing really special about the stadium itself.  Getting in and out was very easy.  There seems to be ample parking around the stadium (they sent a $15 parking pass along with our tickets).  Tailgating didn't look very vibrant, especially for a big game against Miami, but it rained all day so maybe that put a damper on the pre-game festivities.  Countless drunken Hurricane fans polluted the stands.  Concessions are unremarkable.  They could use a larger team shop inside the stadium, the selection of items was limited.  Great fan energy, we'll definitely visit again since it's local.  Maryland broke out some very unusual uniforms for the game, prompting David Letterman to comment, "for the uniforms alone, Maryland should be charged with a lack of institutional control."
  • WE LOVED:  The Maryland student section, all decked out in white, which brought an energy comparable to the level you'd see at a big ACC basketball game.  The game itself, played at times during a driving rain storm, was a fantastic nailbiter and featured Maryland defensive touchdowns in the last minute of BOTH halves.  Maryland fans were vocal and remained until the end of the game in numbers despite nearly constant rain.