CINCINNATI (Paul Brown Stadium)



  • GAME DAY:  November 2, 2014 
  • OPPONENT:  Jacksonville Jaguars
  • SCORE:  Bengals 33, Jaguars 23
  • CAPACITY/ATTENDANCE:  65,535/60,057
  • THE TRIP:  My daughter Grace and I visited Ohio to watch this game as well as an Ohio State/Illinois matchup in Columbus the previous day.  We started in Cleveland where we took in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, then drove to Canton to see the Pro Football Hall of Fame, before driving to Columbus to see the Buckeyes and to Cincinnati to see the Bengals.
  • IMPRESSIONS:  Like their brethren at the Ohio State game the previous evening, the Bengals fans were surprisingly quiet during an important and reasonably entertaining game with the Jaguars.  Other venues (New Orleans and other domes in particular, Redskins, etc.) are much louder.  Fans were friendly and attentive.  Great atmosphere overall.  Excellent team store.  Spacious concourses and uncrowded concessions.  One of my favorite NFL stadium experiences.
  • WE LOVED:  The stadium, which was spectacular - a close second to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh in terms of structural appeal and fan friendly features.  A breezy, sunny, 50-degree game added to the atmosphere considerably.  Loved that everyone in the crowd, at least in our lower bowl section, SAT while the Bengals were on offense and during 1st/2nd downs on defense, but STOOD during third downs on defense.  A great display of group courtesy and comraderie that should be followed in all stadiums.  Also loved that they play very little loud music during timeouts and between plays.
  • TRAVEL TIP:  Eat at Tom + Chee restaurant, home of the best grilled cheese sandwhich I've ever eaten (there are several stores in Cincinnati but it's a national chain now).