When I graduated from college in 1989, my friends Sean and Cary and I went to California to see all five major league ballparks there (A's, Angels, Dodgers, Giants, Padres).  We went to 10 games in May and June that year and had great weather the whole time (except in Candlestick Park, where you can actually freeze in June).  That trip planted a seed in my mind that led to the idea of visiting all the college and NFL football stadiums.


I grew up watching the Astros in the Astrodome, one of the world's worst stadiums and one of MLB's worst teams while I was living in Houston (which explains why I'm a Red Sox fan!).  Indoor sports on astroturf (or even outdoor on astroturf) was the scourge of MLB and the NFL in the seventies and eighties.  Fortunately MLB and NFL owners eventually figured out that neither fans nor players liked games played on green plastic in giant concrete rooms.  But we always had fun in the Dome anyway.  Now, the Astros play in Minute Maid Park (formerly Enron Field) which is quirky but a great park, especially for kids. 

I've had the pleasure of seeing games all over the country.  My favorite is Wrigley Field, where I've caught a few games with my friend and Chicago native, Sean - anyone who's ever been there will understand why it's so revered.  If you love baseball, and haven't been, do yourself a favor and visit the Cubs at Wrigley.  The Orioles' home, Camdem Yards, is also a beautiful ballpark that we've frequented over the years, until the Washington Nationals came to town.

Baltimore Orioles Camden Yards multiple
California Angels Anaheim Stadium 1989
Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field multiple
Houston Astros Astrodome multiple
Houston Astros Minute Maid Park 2002
Los Angeles Dodgers Dodger Stadium 1989
Oakland A's Oakland Coliseum 1989
San Diego Padres Jack Murphy Stadium 1989
San Francisco Giants Candlestick Park 1989
Washington Nationals RFK multiple
Washington Nationals Nationals Park multiple


Thankfully baseball moved back to the Washington DC area in the 2005.  It's a 12-minute drive from my house to the new stadium.  The team isn't great but it doesn't really matter - I will always be happy sitting in the sun and watching a ball game.