AKRON (Infocision Stadium)

  • GAME DAY:  October 2, 2010 
  • OPPONENT:  Northern Illinois
  • SCORE:  Huskies 50, Zips 14
  • CAPACITY/ATTENDANCE:  27,000/12,133
  • THE TRIP:  Two of my kids were begging to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame (they didn't have to twist my arm much) so we planned a weekend in Ohio visiting the Hall of Fame, an Akron game on Saturday, and the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and a Cleveland Browns game on Sunday.
  • IMPRESSIONS:  This new stadium opened in 2009 and stilll had that new stadium smell.  The smallish crowd was extremely polite and I thought a little too reserved (which may have resulted from a rainy game and the home team getting trounced).  Great, energetic band.  Good concessions.  The overall atmosphere reminded us more of a wholesome high school football game, rather than big-time college football - but in a good way.
  • WE LOVED:  The Akron Zips' mascot, Zippy the Kangaroo (FEAR THE ROO!!).  The town of Akron, which I had incorrectly envisioned as a run-down Rust Belt town, was charming, and my kids commented that they would love to go to school there.  $5 parking.  We also give a shout out to Joe in the Akron Ticket Office, who was very friendly and helpful in planning our trip.
  • TRAVEL TIP:    Akron sits between Canton, Ohio and Cleveland, so you can easily fly to Cleveland, drive to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and take in a game in Akron (or any of several other local schools), all in one day.  In Akron, The Spaghetti Warehouse is a fun and reasonably-priced pre-game dining experience, especially if you have kids.