"People face serious decisions at very important jobs, life-threatening illnesses, and bone-crushing stress yet, each weekend in the fall, revert to the rhythms of their preadolescent life.  As the coming crispness of autumn reveals itself in the coolness of early mornings and late evenings, we all become, once more, eternally the children we no longer are."   - Dixieland Delight, by Clay Travis


This website chronicles my quest to attend a game at every college Division 1A and NFL stadium in the United States.  Based on my research, I don't think anyone's ever had the sustained passion (or lack of judgment) to accomplish this feat.

I grew up in football-crazy Texas, and have loved football since early childhood.  The first pro game I remember attending was Oilers/Packers in the Astrodome, in 1972 with my dad.  The first college game I remember attending was the 1975 Bluebonnet Bowl, also played in the Astrodome, also with my dad.

Although I caught the football bug in the early 1970's as a kid, I didn't attend more than a couple of dozen pro and college games until the 1990's, when I moved to Washington, married my wife Betsy, who is a rabid LSU fan, and started going to Redskins games.  I've had Redskins season tickets since 1999 and attend almost every home game.   I attended Tulane University and lived in New Orleans for 9 years, and adopted LSU as my favorite college team.

In 2009 we traveled with our 3 kids to Seattle to see a Washington-LSU game at Husky Stadium, where it hit me that I could satisfy my passion for football, bond with my family and friends, meet new people, and see parts of the country I'd otherwise never see by attending games at all these stadiums.

And I also figured, since I love both college and pro football, why not visit all the pro stadiums as well? 

That's 128 college stadiums as of 2014 (see also a map of college football locations I created) and 31 pro stadiums (check my progress).  My (field) goal is to visit every stadium by my 75th birthday.  I buy a baseball hat at every stadium as a souvenir - they hang on the wall of my office.  But the memories of these trips, people and places, they really stick with me.

Also in the mix are numerous bowl games and must-see rivalries (Super Bowl, College Football Playoff, Rose Bowl, Auburn-Alabama, Texas-Oklahoma, Army-Navy, etc.), adding another 6-8 games.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about this website or teams/stadiums I haven't visited yet, tailgating suggestions, places to see/stay/eat, corrections, etc. please send me an email.  Thanks for visiting this site, and see you at the game!

- Charles Stephenson

Rest in Peace, John Thibaut - a great man and LSU sportsfan.

Rest in Peace, Dad.  Thanks for giving me a love of the game.